The Personal Touch

Personalized service is the watchword for many businesses and industries, but it takes on a whole new meaning when it concerns eye surgery. Yes, LASIK is statistically very safe and effective but it is still someone ‘cutting on my eyes’ and most of us at least desire a reassuring relationship with whoever that will be.

Let’s look at this more closely:

What would you want and expect of the surgeon who is going to operate on your eyes?

  • Should he be focused on you as an individual and not the company’s profit-overhead ratio, or his connecting flight?
  • Should he be the person calling the shots in the center and fully responsible for the quality of the procedures?
  • Should he take the time necessary to ensure all the preparation steps are fully done, right from your first Consultation?
  • Should this same surgeon be around ‘just in case’ you need him after the surgery and even provide his personal cell phone number?

If you answered yes to all the above, then we have just described the Independent LASIK practitioner who owns and manages his own LASIK center and who stands behind his reputation.

Let’s look at the other side of this story:

  • What if the surgeon is NOT the person running the practice?
  • What if the person calling the shots is an accountant or a marketing professional at corporate headquarters in another state – not a doctor?
  • What if your surgeon flies in from out of town to do 50 or 60 procedures in one day and then flies out?
  • What if something does go wrong and your only recourse is to call up the local TV station or consumer watchdog because the actual owner of the practice is an anonymous board of directors in another state?

This all comes down to personalized attention and care – or just another anonymous face under the laser, and an anonymous face in a surgical mask peering down.

Choosing your doctor is the most important decision in the entire LASIK process.

Your intuitive sense when you meet the doctor will tell you if you’re going to be a good match. Most LASIK patients, when they recommend LASIK to their friends, recommend the doctor by name because the doctor has become a real person to them.

Here are a few points to enhance your awareness of the doctor as a person.

  • Does the surgeon live in the area? Where do his kids go to school?
  • Is his center a part of the local economy or do their profits go to a corporate headquarters in another city and state?
  • Does he contribute to the community and support local teams or community projects?
  • Does he have a local reputation to maintain?
  • Is he affiliated with local or regional hospitals

These may seem fussy points to consider but you’ll be surprised how more confident you feel knowing something about your surgeon – and that he knows something about you and your personal expectations.