What am I in for? What will it be like? How long will it take? How can I prepare myself? The keyword for your LASIK procedure is Relax. Here’s exactly how it should go:

First you will be asked to set aside two days for your LASIK – the day of the procedure itself and the next day when you’ll return to see your doctor on your first post-op visit.

You should expect to be with you doctor for 3-5 hours on the day of your procedure. One important thing to note is that a reputable practice will not try to rush you through your procedure. When it comes to surgery, the doctors of the Advanced Vision Network will take their time and verify every important detail on the day of the procedure itself.

  • You’ll arrive and be checked in. You will then be provided with oral relaxation medication and you’ll get settled down in the pre-op suite. You will receive some eye drops to prepare your eyes which will take effect about 15 minutes after application. You will then be taken into the laser suite.
  • You’ll be in the laser suite for around 15-20 minutes. Most doctors will talk you through every step of the procedure, and tell you exactly what is going to happen along the way.
  • The actual procedure should take about 5-6 minutes per eye for basic LASIK. You’ll have a small light to focus your attention, and you should know that there’s nothing you can do to mess up the procedure. Lasers come equipped with advanced eye tracking technology so that any slight eye movement is detected. If you were to turn your head or move your eye out of range, the laser would instantly stop until your eye was back in exact position again. Lots of folks worry that they’ll blink or twitch and ruin everything but that is simply not an issue.
  • You’ll feel slight pressure on your eye and no pain as the laser does its work. And that’s it. You will start seeing better right away, patients are usually amazed to read the clock on the wall of the laser suite immediately after the procedure. Expect your vision to be somewhat blurry for a few hours while the eye drops wear and your cornea has a chance to rehydrate. You will be taken back into the pre-op suite and relax for about 30 minutes to rest your eyes. One final check and you’re done for the day.

Your eyes might feel a little dry but you should feel no pain at all. Most folks have a long and restful sleep the night of the procedure and wake to a whole new world the next morning.


Day 1 Post-Op: The first moments when folks open their eyes the morning after are often the most startling and memorable. We call this the alarm clock factor when you realize you can read the time without any lenses.

  • Although your best vision has mostly been achieved by this first day after your procedure, you can expect some minor fluctuations and improvements over the following weeks as the cornea settles down.
  • You’ll revisit your doctor on this day for your first post-op check and then you can test drive your new lens-free vision. This is a good reason for having your LASIK on a Friday so you’ve got the whole weekend for going: “Wow!”; “Well, I never!”; “This is amazing!”; “Oh, my gosh, I can see EVERYTHING!”

The following weeks: You will be given antibiotic eye drops to help the healing process and artificial tears to keep your eyes irrigated. You should treat yourself to a good pair of sunglasses, avoid eye make-up, contact sports, and water or dusty environments for the first week or so. The general rule for the first month post-op is to observe sensible precautions.